• Image of Video Nasties - Dominion (CD)

Video Nasties' Dominion album on CD.

Catalogue number APF025
1: Stay Gold
2: Hanging Tree
3: Helvetica
4: Transvoltum
5: Red Of Night
6: Viva Death
7: Drone Eagle
8: Stabbing Nightmare
9: Dominion
10: They Rise

Tommy Lloyd – guitar
Rick Owen – bass
Dave Archer – drums
Damian Von Talbot – vox
Stu Taylor – guitar

Recorded by Stu Taylor at Begsy Studio, Elevator Tombs and mixed / mastered by Tom Dring at Vagrant Studios.
The track Dominion was composed by Dave Archer aka Horrorgob using an Atari ST.
Band photography by Lu Lowe.
Artwork by Alexandre Goulet.
All songs written by Video Nasties.