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Under's debut album "Slick" on CD.

4-panel digipak CD featuring artwork by Alan O'Neill of Zonument.

Andy Preece – Drums and Vocals
Matt Franklin – Bass and Vocals
Simon Mayo – Guitar and Vocals

‘Slick’ recorded and produced by Simon Mayo at Spirit Studio, Manchester.
Mastered by Katie Tavini. Artwork by Alan O’Neill at Zonument

"Under's live shows leave jaws wide open and drooling, sounding somewhere between Fantomas, Swans and the Melvins but with this nightmarish circus vibe"
Terrorizer Magazine #274

Under are a trio from Stockport, Greater Manchester. Though rooted in the blueprints of Sludge and Doom Metal, their sound is harder to pin down with elements of Prog, Noise and Avant Garde creeping in. Under play with jagged, slow, off kilter riffs that tease the listener into a false sense of security with dark and abstract lyricism evoking a trippy and sinister unease. The trio cite the likes of Swans, Mr. Bungle, Melvins and Radiohead as prime influences.

After the success of their debut EP 'First Attempt', Under built up a solid reputation playing frequent live shows in and out of Manchester. In 2016 they embarked on a successful UK mini-tour with Kurokuma.

'Slick' is their highly anticipated debut full length album, completely self-produced and recorded by Under themselves. The trio have successfully built on everything they have been working towards, carefully fine-tuning every detail on the record. This eclectic listen is chock full of crushing riffs, odd time signatures, and a mixture of aggressive screaming vocals and more relaxed tripped... out clean sections. All three band members provide vocals, often harmonizing together to create epic melodic textures. The record's bizarre lyrics, out there vibes and unpredictability will surely pull in listeners for repeat listens. 'Slick' is one of those special records where you hear something new with each listen.

Under have the pleasure of being the very first signing and release of APF Records.

FFO: Melvins, Big Business, Swans, Faith No More, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle.

Released May 31, 2017