• Image of Trippy Wicked - Movin On Singles & Movin On Album (2 x CD)

Limited Edition of 100 x luxury 6-panel Digipak CD of Movin On Singles featuring artwork by Christopher West. Plus Movin On (the 2009 album) on CD. Comes with download code.

Movin On Singles features four tracks recorded by the band in 2009 as part of the sessions for their Movin On album. These tracks have never been released on physical formats. Tomorrow you'll also have the option of buying both the Movin On Singles CD and the Movin On album together.

Movin On Singles is released on 30th October, the tenth anniversary of the release of the Movin On album.

Track listing of Movin On Singles:

1. Evil
2. Hark At You
3. Things Go Up (Seasick Steve cover)
4. I Wanna Be

Track listing of Movin On (album) CD:

1. Movin On
2. Sea Shanty
3. Fire
4. Southern
5. Echoes
6. Innocence
7. Not What You Know
8. Clothes On My Floor
9. The Water
10. Because Of You

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